Hope's Edge

The Man on Ice

Enroute to the Kellis System the crew of The Moya was contacted by a seedy cantina owner of the orbiting station. filler With veiled threat of blackmail Rann Tainer reluctantly accepted the meeting. After a quite exorbitant offer to steal a man by the name of Andronicus who met the anger of a minor hutt, Gorbo by being encased in frozen carbinite within the hutt’s vault. With his co-pilot Lofbecca to put a little leverage on ‘Kretch’, a little intimidated but unmoved to negotiate for more credits.

Once making planetside and discussing course of action it was decided to insert Gadge as a bounty hunter for hire within Gorbo the Hutt’s organization and Rann Tainer to pose as a freighter captain looking for goods that the Hutt may want transported. Remembering an old friend, Chedd a trandoshan who happens to own a shipping / warehouse company on Kellis, being able to pull a quick favor for a place of berth whilst Tarion attempts to hackup one of the local taxi speeders.



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