Admiral Willem von Aath

Honor, Courage, Commitment.


A tall and imposing figure, standing at six foot five, with white hair that is cropped short underneath his Admiral uniform. He wears it proudly, with the face of someone who has seen combat.


Admiral Willem von Aath was a career Republic officer, having reached the rank of Lieutenant in the Navy and served as a flagship officer, particularly COMSCAN. Through the years and having survived the Navy Officer purges only two years ago, he has earned the rank of Admiral simply by filling holes. He currently holds “two hats”, filling the role of Admiral and Sector Moff

His popular reputation even in the Outer Rim is complicated. He cracks down hard on pirates and makes sure that criminals have a very hard time thriving, but he does not randomly execute civilians like his counterparts do, nor does he have any real anti-alien rhetoric he leans upon.

That does not, at all, limit his danger as a calculating, powerful Imperial Admiral…

Admiral Willem von Aath

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