Re-purposed, modified holonet show droid


His chassis is a repurposed protocol droid body, with a B1 head that is painted with black and red colors. Silver inlays adorn his body and he has a power link built into his body. His arms have numerous ports able to hook into terminals and slicing nodes in order to slice and hack.


Originally serving on the Telona Sector’s holonet channels as “Doctor Brimba”, a recurring villain on the soap opera To Scour the Heavens, HMML-F4RT ‘moonlit’ as a low-brow announcing droid and hosted two game shows. During the rise of the Empire, he suffered several accidents that misaligned his circuits, and he was considered dead.

It took a few years before his chassis and memory were re-aligned and reinstalled on the cheap by several low-rent Rodian slicers and technicans, and he suffers for it. He is unable to change the root programming that keeps his personality matrix on a single “acting job”, sometimes jumping from one personality to the next at random.

However, the Rodians were able to program him with extremely capable slicing techniques, making him more than adept at the job.

Movies HMML-F4RT starred in:

The Last FlightHMML-F4RT as “Droid 1” [Action] [Extra]
Long Kiss GoodnightHMML-F4RT as “Doctor Killinger” [Thriller] [Supporting]
To Say Farewell, My LoveHMML-F4RT as “Tyran Jollingsgrave” [Romance] [Main Lead]


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