Rann Tainer

"Good. Bad. I'm the one with the blaster."


A brash 29 year old Corellian human. Captain of a Ghtroc 720 Light Freighter dubbed ‘The Moya’ He flies the ship as his home to stay away from imperial scrutiny. Preferring a life a freedom. He seems to have a fierce concern about his crew that he hides beneath this mask. Even with his ship falling apart and owing rushed favors, he smiles when he leans back in the chair aboard the Moya.


Rann Tainer was born 33BBY on Corellia. During the Clone Wars he began learning the shadey ways of life in the Blue Sector of Coronet City. Finding a passion in racing swoop bikes against other rivals. Before the close of the war he was arrested by a CorSec officer, returning him home. It was during the celebration and the declaration of the Galactic Empire that Rann became enamoured by the Imperial Forces.
He pushed himself to accepted to the Imperial Academy on Cardia on 16 BBY. It was during this time he became a rather cocky but well respected pilot. Living up to the reputation of his birth.

His military career records were stricken due to insubordination and discharged. The only thing remaining were the corellian bloodstripes on his trousers. No longer sharing the enthusiasm for the Empire as he did in his youth. This eventually led him to a daring rescue and escape of a wookie and a former imperial technician. It was during this that Lofbecca extended to Rann a life debt. He relunctantly accepted it. Not to insult a wookies custom and instead treats her as a great friend.

Around 6 BBY he acquired a junked Ghtroc 720 Light Freighter for a cheap price. Naming the rusted vessel The Moya with his dear friend Lofbecca as his co-pilot. spending the next year taking small jobs and modifying the ship to stay further away from the Empire’s reaches. He found himself with a crew and a reason to keep flying.

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Rann Tainer

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