Rann - Watch this Kid

Rann prepped the Moya for launch, as the kid kind of robotic-ally talked about his ship.
“Come on kid,” Rann said as he punched the code into the console. “Gonna just stand there and spew? I told you got work to do.” Ushering him onboard through the ramp. Upon entering the ship the kid noticed a panel hanging and immediately fixed it up. Rann found himself quite impressed, “Woah kid, no need for that. My ship may be a little banged but she’s got character. This isn’t why you’re onboard.”

“I’m. Sorry.” Saying it rather emotionless. Rann kind of found that rather off-putting.

“Liven up kiddo. You do this might do something better with your life. I’m giving you a chance.”

Rann leads him towards the cockpit. His other bedroom he calls it. On the dash filled with childish toys and gizmos that he feels comforted with. He beckons the kid into a slightly larger to accommodate a wookie chair. Rann gives him a sharp look as if to say ’Don’t touch anything.’. As Rann sat in his chair he starts tinkering at the console. First to disable the co-pilot. Doesn’t want this kid to hit anything wrong. After getting cleared to depart he punches out of the atmosphere.

He flies the ship casually through the asteroid field to the pickup spot. Getting to know the kid, and talking about one of the best things in life to a Corellian, Star ships. Once at the coordinates he notices hes got some time to kill. Kicks his legs up as he often does. Relaxing a bit. The kid remains a bit bewildered it seemed to be out in space, or at least Rann figured he was.

About 15 minutes later a klaxon wailed from the scanner. Rann set himself back upright and diddled with the sensors. A (can’t remember what ship) jumped from hyperspace. Hailing the Moya upon arrival.

“Hey there,” Ran said once the comm opened.
‘Are you the one Finn sent?’
“I believe I am.” Rann replied.

The ship soon jettisoned the cargo, drifting in space towards the Moya. “You got a tractor beam, right?”

“Nope.” the kid looked right at Rann as he watched him go at his controls with precision. Striking button’s really fast. “I like to improvise. Watch this kid.” Rann grinned. As he guided the Moya pressing flat the bottom of the ship opening the loading ramp. Catching the cargo he quickly closes the ramp turning the Moya back the direction he came and punches the acceleration out.

The kid’s jaw became slightly unhinged. Showing at least a small sign of emotion. His face changed when another alert popped on sensors. Rann looked at the reading. 2 small ships closing on his trail.
‘Well this got interesting..’ he quipped to himself. He shot a stern look at the kid. “Get back there, get that cargo into the main hold. GO NOW!” Rann focused back onto the controls as he dives the Moya closer to the asteroid field.

The ship shook as it took stray warning shots it seems. The comm crackles as a voice appears.
Rann held the button as he replied with fake static. “Wha—-kerrrr- Can’t Qui—kerrr- Make Out..”
A couple more shots strayed near the Moya. ‘Seems to be rather inexperienced bunch.’ He activates the piloting gunnery as he dives near one of the asteroids. ‘Lets make it interesting…’ He blasts some rock, fragments fly. Shaking the ship violently, he could hear the stress on her hull. ‘Oh baby hold together.’ he said to himself. ‘The one time Lofbecca isn’t aboard with me and this gorram happens.’

The Z-95 found itself dodging out of the tiny fragments stressing the engines of the aged star fighter and drifting itself into a wider open space. It attempts to blast towards the freighter but misses due to this inexperienced manuever. Rann smiled as he sets the Moya up for the Smuggler’s Reverse. Twisting the ship into a one-eighty with the manuevering thrusters, to avoid making a turn on an arc. Once lined up he punches the thrusters further. Triggering the turret on the star fighter as it explodes into a ball of fire. Rann punched the comm, “Seems you made the mistake of being out here.” he said to the other ship.

“Forgot the response” he heard from the other star fighter. The X-Wing veers away from chasing the freighter.

He turned the Moya back towards his destination. It seemed the other vessels gave the Moya a bit of berth after the little skirmish. He set the Moya on its course as he went to meet the kid in the cargo hold and load it into the smuggling compartments. Soon as that was done the kid joined him in the cockpit as he rode back with his feet kicked up once again on the dash. The kid looked at Rann and noticed the lines on his pants. “Those.. Those are the Corellian Bloodstripes?” Rann nodded. “How did you earn those?”

‘Another time kid.’

Rann - Watch this Kid

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